2023 2nd International Conference on Public Culture and Social Services (PCSS 2023)
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Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city, surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected with the land on the other side. The towering Laoshan Mountain stands by the sea, with green mountains and blue sea, green trees and red buildings. With pleasant scenery and cool summer climate, it is a famous tourist resort.

To go to Qingdao, you should first go to see the sea, take a bath in the sea and pick up shells. Standing at the seaside in the morning, looking at the sky and water in the distance, the vast expanse of smoke and white sails; Look at your feet, the naughty waves gently hit the rocks, splashing silver spray, making a gentle "brush" sound. At noon, go into the bathing beach, jump into the sea, fight against the waves, play with the waves, or lie comfortably on the soft beach, bathed in the seaside sunshine in the evening, stroll on the beach, pick up colorful small shells, catch aggressive crabs. How interesting! You will be intoxicated by the sea!


You can't go to Qingdao without visiting Laoshan. See the dangerous peaks and rocks of Laoshan, the wonders of mountains and seas, taste "Laoshan mineral water", and drink "Laoshan Coca Cola". The majestic lion peak, the white cloud cave with flying dragons winding, the colorful purple glow and the sea of clouds like smoke and waves can't help but surprise you!